Men’s Suit 101 – Choosing the Fabric

Posted on November 18, 2010


Though many will disagree, the suit is probably one of the most important part of any guy’s wardrobe. It is the go-to option when one has to go to a formal occasion or an important event. And whatever the case maybe, a guy in a suit is always a nice sight to behold.

Men’s suits are available in a wide variety of styles, colors and sizes – all of which are important factors to keep in mind when getting a new suit. Fabric, or the material used to make the suit, is another important thing to consider. And considering that suits are made from many different kinds of fabrics, it is important to choose the right kind that not only will look good when worn, but also feel good as well. So to help the average fellow to decide, here is a guide on the different suit fabrics available.

1. Wool. Most men’s suits are made from wool. And depending on how they are made, wool suits are actually something that can be worn by any man all year round. Most people will think that wool is something that is going to be warm to wear and cannot be worn during summer. This is not true because wool suits come in different thickness and weaving, factors that may affect how comfortable they can get on different weathers. Also, wool as a fabric allows the skin to breathe easily which makes it perfect even on hot days. Suits made of wool is also more resistant to wrinkles, which is always good for suits. Wool als comes in different forms like tweed, flannel, cashmere and gabardine, all of which are among the most common material used for men’s suits.

2. Cotton. But the best suit fabric for really warm days is cotton. This is because cotton allows great air flow and doesn’t stick to the body even during humid conditions. Among the most common type of cotton for men’s suits is cotton runner.

3. Linen. Linen is another fabric used for men’s suit that are perfect for the summer season. It is the fabric favored by luxury brands and considered high-end in the fashion industry. Linen is good for hot weather because it is lighter than most fabric and feels very comfortable when worn.

4. Silk. Though not very common in the American market, silk is another fabric option often used by designers. They are more preferred by the eastern culture types. Silk is commonly used in the inner layers of the suit, no matter what fabric is used for the exterior.

5. Polyester. Aside from natural fabrics, men’s suits can also be made from synthetic ones like polyester. However when using this kind of fabric, it is usually mixed with other fabrics to mimic their desirable properties.

When choosing the fabric for your suit, always keep in mind that your suit should be versatile and can be worn in as many seasons and occasions possible. This is to avoid yourself from spending too much on different men’s suits. You should also consider the fact that they should be easy to maintain so that you can extend the life of your suit. To ensure that you have all of these, you can try out some nice Pal Zileri suits from

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