Levi’s-Pendleton Collaboration Hits Store Soon

Posted on October 29, 2010


It looks like collaborations between top fashion brands have been the trend nowadays, with the recent partnership Levi’s and Pendleton Woolen Mills. Known as the Levi’s Workwear series, the collection features iconic denim designs from Levi’s, as well as wolljacquard fabrics of Pendleton. An exclusive piece Levi’s Jacquard is part of the collection with some Native American inspiration designed with colors like indigo, gold and red to signify the colors of a well-worn pair of vintage Levi’s.

The Jacquard-lined trucker jacket, which was woven by Pendleton, is washed down and aged to perfection and features a removable Pendleton wool vest.

The Levi’s Pendleton Collection, which has pieces for both men and women, will be out soon in favorite stores and boutiques.

With reports from Por Homme

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