South African Gets Noticed in the World of Men’s Fashion

Posted on October 19, 2010


Fashion designers and experts agree that though most South African men are still a bit hesitant about high fashion, the local men’s fashion industry is definitely starting to take flight and get the share of the limelight with the rest of the world. Many also say that because of some minor mistakes, there is definitely a room for improvement and local designers are taking this as an opportunity.

“It seems there are only so many occasions that offer men the privilege of dressing up. And, for the most part, a lot of South African men are not looking for the right fit or shade,” Fred Eboka, a local designer, said. He also added that the country’s youth are the ones gravitating toward European trends, which include fitted jackets and skinny jeans. “Those with discerning taste will always stand out. Interestingly, among our black youth, you will find most stylish men on the periphery of the townships.”

Eboka says the demise of the South African tailoring industry is a disappointment: “We used to have the infrastructure to create fine garments, but most companies are simply downsizing now.”

Renato Palmi, a clothing and textile researcher from Durban, agrees that the market for men’s fashion in South Africa is “relatively small”. However he backpedaled and added that the “emerging economy and a growing clientele with a discerning eye, this seems to be changing.”

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