Men’s Fashion Accessories Checklist

Posted on October 11, 2010


Fashion accessories for men can be very expensive. Especially if you are the type of guy who likes to wear only the best. But because of the status of today’s economy, it isvery hard to just buy and splurge on things that can give a hard blow to one’s budget. You should always get the best for the value of each and every dollar you spend. That is why it is important to always think first before buying an pricey addition to your wardrobe. But here is a list of men’s accessories that you can definitely splurge on and make it a sort of investment of sort. Because these are the items you should never go without.

1. A Watch
A watch is something that is important to a guy not only because it adds flair to one’s outfit. But because it also has a very important function. That is why it is not that bad to invest on a good time piece. Just make sure when buying one that you are getting the best for your money’s worth. Also, especially if you cannot afford to buy multiple watches for different occasions, make sure that the one you are buying can go with almost everything on your wardrobe.

2. A Wallet
Just like a good watch, a nice waller is not only a good way to spice up your outfit but is also very important to your daily life. Men put all sorts of things on their wallet aside from their money and all sorts of cards. That is why paying a little more for a high-quality wallet is not that big of a deal. Think of it as an investment because you may actually get good use from a nice wallet for a long time.

3. A Pair of Shoes
Fashion experts agree that a good pair of shoes completes a good outfit. So it is really not a big deal if you spend a bit more on them. Also make sure that when you are getting new shoes, they not only look good with your clothes, but should also be comfortable for daily use. A new pair of shoes should also be able to take the abuse and should last at least a year.

4. A Briefcase
Not all will agree that a briefcase is an important part of the outfit. But truth of the matter is, it can actually add up to your look especially for formal wear. Also, it just gives you more flexibility because you can bring more stuff with you. So buying at least on briefcase will definitely be worth paying a few extra dollars. Not only will it increase your style, but also help with your work performance.

5. A Tie
A formal attire is not complete is a tie, however some people would like to think. That is why splurging on nice ones like Pal Zileri ties will definitely bring you good as far as your style is concerned. Besides, if you buy the right kind of ties, you can get good use from it matching it with more items in your closet.

Spending on men’s fashion accessories ain’t that bad. As long as you know when and what to buy, you can definitely stretch the value of your money.

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