Men’s Fashion Brand Uman to Conquer NY and SF

Posted on August 4, 2010


For its continued pursuit for the “suit’s perfect form”, Italian label Uman brings it products to the Atlantic and Pacific coasts by being part of the collections available in the Barneys stores in New York and San Francisco.

Uman, founded by designer Umberto Angeloni, is a new concept in men’s fashion and style that targets the “New Man”, someone who complies with the rules of elegance, but still maintaining a broader cultural approach and a higher ethical and social concern.

The brand defines the “perfect form” as the silhouette that best defines and enhances the masculine body and its proportions. The brand aims to review, re-evaluate or revolutionize, as needed, all the assumptions, rules, rituals, and processes that have been at the basis of the fashion and clothing industry up to now.

According to Tom Kalenderian, VP for Barneys New York Menswear, “Uman is a well-thought-through estimation of what Umberto Angeloni wants to offer to the menswear industry. His perception is very philosophical. We’re selling suits, but we’re also selling culture. He believes real people make the spirit of a brand.”

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