Taking It to the Extreme, Men’s Fashion Mental by Shunnoz & Tekasala

Posted on July 29, 2010


Talk about innovation. Angolan designers Shunnoz & Tekasala are taking men’s fashion into the extreme as they showcased their designs on a fashion show for their line called Mental at the Lisbon Fashion Week.

Using unusual combinations of colors, the designers deconstructed the typical menswear proportions, adding new flairs on items like pants with English inspired high hems, shirts and suits with elongated arms and bold patterns to close cut jackets.

They also took mixing and matching to a whole new level by splitting suits right down the middle and using different colors on different halves like salmon, gray, and turquoise. Now that is being different.

Because of this very eccentric approach to design, audience had no choice but to give these new geniuses a standing ovation for a job well done.

Photo Credit: Fashionisto.com

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