How to Properly Iron Men’s Dress Shirts

Posted on July 25, 2010


If you’re a guy, you’ve probably suffered the pain of trying to iron your own dress shirt, and  failing miserably after many tries. Ironing men’s dress shirt is actually simple, though it require some time and a lot of patience. So for those who have the time and energy, here are the simple steps on how to iron men’s dress shirts.

You’ll Need:

  • An iron
  • An ironing board
  • A spray bottle with water

First thing you need to do is to warm the iron. Be sure that the iron is set at a setting recommended by your iron’s manufacturer based on the material or fabric of the dress shirt.

Locate the head of the ironing board, which is the narrow curved section. Take the dress shirt and open it while placing the front right side on the board, like you’re dressing the board up. You should have the right front side of the dress shirt covering the board with the rest of the shirt hanging off the side of the ironing board. Make sure that the head of the board is snuggled up against where the shoulder of the shirt would be while you pull the bottom of the shirt with your left hand. When you do this, you make the shirt nice and taut. You then spray the front of the shirt with water using the spray bottle. Then begin to move the iron on the shirt in the direction opposite your pull. When you reach the button panel, just pull the corner closest to the buttons taut and iron away from your hand or the pull. Then proceed to do the left front part of the shirt, following the same directions.

After doing the left and right front sides of the dress shirt, it’s now time to iron the back. Lay the shirt so that the back is directly in the middle of the ironing board. By doing this, you’ll have the collar of the shirt draping over the head of the board. You then pull the bottom of the shirt again so that it has some resistance and begin to iron in thee direction opposite of your pull. You then iron the collar by either pulling back the shirt just a few inches or by picking up and replacing it on the board right in front of you laying flat on the board. Spray water to the collar and proceed to iron it while pulling the corners of the collar taut. Be sure to flip and shirt over and do the inside of the collar as well.

Next thing you need to pay attention to are the sleeves. Lay the shirt so that one sleeve is laying fully flat in the same direction as the longest part of the ironing board. Spray water on the sleeve and begin ironing it while pulling the end of it taut. You can also hold the area at the top of where the sleeve and should meet. Just ignore the cuff for now. Flip the shirt over and iron the back side of the sleeve in the same fashion. Do the other sleeve. When you get to the cuffs, you need to unbutton and open them so that it lays flat on the board. Spray some more water on the cuff and iron it fla    t in the same method as the collar.

There you go! A nicely ironed dress shirt that will have you looking dashing and debonair.

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