Fashion Tips for Big and Tall Men

Posted on July 25, 2010


Though there’s a common notion that finding clothes for big and tall men can be such a burden, they can still create a sexy look to compliment their grand figures. This is possible by being able to emphasize the good points and to downplay the bad ones. Despite being big and burly, most big tall men often feel shy and self-conscious when it comes to fashion. That is why they need all the help they can get to be able to appear more confident and to find their personal style.

So here are some tips on how bigger and taller men can become sexy and stylish fashionistas:

  1. To create an illusion of a slimmer figure, men with bigger girth should wear shirts with vertical stripes.
  2. If you have a big stomach, avoid tops with large prints and patterns emblazoned in front, especially those with bold colors as they have the tendency to make you look bigger than you are.
  3. Stick to plains and dark colors as much as possible to minimize your size as these appear more flattering and stylish.
  4. Avoid high-waisted pants if you’re a tall or a big man, especially if you have a small upper body and longer legs. This type of pants will only emphasize your bigger features.
  5. Try wearing pants that begin just below the waist as these are more flattering for you. But don’t overdo it by wearing low-rise jeans as they will allow paunch to peep out if you’re a bigger man.
  6. Wear pants made from thick materials such as denim as it will smooth out the appearance of your figure well.
  7. Pinstriped dress pants are the best way to go when going for a more formal look as they give the appearance of slimness for bigger men.
  8. When wearing a jacket, try using one that end just below your hips. This neither adds height or weight, but instead compliment a man’s look.
  9. Lean towards single-breasted jackets as this type has a more slimming effect when worn by bigger men.

Aside from these tips and other basic rules of fashion, the best way to look good in any outfit is being confident and proud of how you look. It doesn’t matter if you’re wearing the most expensive suit, not feeling comfortable and confident with it will just basically go to waste. Be proud of who and how you are and you will be a stylish and fashionable man in no time.

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