Yahoo’s Men’s Fashion No-no’s

Posted on July 15, 2010


Yahoo! Shine recently came out with their list of the top 10 fashion mistakes every man should not be caught with, as asked from their most loyal readers. From the more than 6,000 respondents, 21% confess that they don’t like Ed Hardy shirts and people who wear them. The rest of the list follows.

1. Ed Hardy T-shirts and other garments with blaring labels

Though very popular among guys, many thinks that wearing Ed Hardy T-shirts is one of the biggest fashion mistake any guy can commit. Reasons for the “hate” for this item ranges from lack of class and its ridiculous designss. One Shine user explains, “I think a man should look put together, not like he’s still lost in high school with the Ed Hardy tees.” I guess substituting as a billboard for a brand is just a fashion faux pas.

2. Baggy/sagging jeans

The same sentiments for the Ed Hardy shirts apply to the inclusion of baggy or sagging jeans as the number two fashion mistake on Shine’s list. A whopping 18% of the respondents said that oversized pants looks so immature and ridiculous. So it may look good on those hip-hop stars but not too much on middle-aged men who wants to be “in” with the kids.

3. Socks with sandals

The classic geek getup, socks with sandals got the third highest votes as the top fashion don’t’s, garnering 19% of the total votes. Readers suggest that if offenders of this fashion faux pas better wear real shoes instead of these if they don’t want to have cold feet.

4. Speedos

Speedos may look good if you have sick-pack abs. But if not, 17% of Shine readers suggest you out down your tiny bikinis and just settle with boardshorts. One reade5r explains, “Wearing speedos and looking hot is a talent, which unfortunately most men who love to wear them are not gifted with.”

5. Fanny packs

Considered as the worst fashion accessory ever, fanny pack is fourth on the list of the worst fashion mistake men commit. I admit that having one is convenient because you can bring more stuff with you without your hands being occupied. But there’s always your wallet and pockets for that. If you need to bring some bigger stuff, why not go for the real thing and get a nice bag.

6. Skinny jeans

Skinny jeans may look good on women, but not too much on men. Enough Shine readers agree to this bringing this piece of clothing to the number six of the list.

7. White undershirts

There’s a reason why they are called undershirts:you wear them under your shirt. It’s much like women substituting legging for pants, men should not be caught wearing their white undershirts as real shirts. As one respondent put it, “GROSS. Who wants to see your hairy pits? Put a real shirt on!!”

8. Too much jewelry

Unless you’re a hip-hop star or a jeweller, there’s not reason why you have to wear too much bling, according to 9% of the total 6,000 survey respondents. General rule: don’t wear more jewelry that your lady friend or mother.

9. Baseball hats

It might have been fashionable a couple of years ago, but readers now agree that baseball hats are out. Especially wearing them in inappropriate places and events. Maybe for the gym or a baseball game, it’s cool. But going to work with your nice suit? Come on. You’re not a kid anymore.

10. Clothing that is too big/doesn’t fit properly

This one is actually obvious. No one looks good on clothes that are too big, no matter what item it is. Pants, shirts, shoes, should be perfectly-fitted to you for it to look good. PERIOD!

You may not agree on all the items you see in this list. So if you have some comments or reactions, please use the comment section. Or if you have other items you want to add to this list of fashion mistakes, please let us know.

Reference: Yahoo! Shine

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