Men’s Footware 101

Posted on July 13, 2010


Shoes and footware are not really popular during the time of the caveman. But that has changed after thousands of years. Not only do shoes serve as a protection from the elements for our feet, they have somewhat become a status symbol. People also tend to judge other people based on what they wear, and that includes things they wear on their feet. That is why it is important to know at least the basics when it comes to covering up those sole.

When going to work, hitting the gym or just hanging out at home, there are different types of footware every man should wear. Being able to know which is which will not only give you the comfort that you need in different situation, it will also save you of all the embarassing stares you’ll get from others when you’re wearing the wrong ones for the occasion. So here is Men’s Fashion 101′ guide to proper men’s footwear.

Athletic Shoes. These are the type you use when you’re on play, literally. You wear athletic shoes when playing basketball, football or any sports with your best buds. You also use them when going to the gym and flexing your muscles. There are many different types of athletic shoes but having one, preferably cross-trainers, will give you the comfort and ease when doing playing. They are designed to take all the beating of running, jumping, skipping, hopping, etc., as well as give you the comfort you need even with those strenous activities.

Casual Shoes. Because you are just hanging out and relaxing, you probably like to have something that you can just wear and take off easily. This is when casual shoes like men’s loafers or sneakers come in. Perfect for use on weekends spent at home or during outings, these easy-to-wear shoes are usually made out of canvas and other light materials that let the feet breathe during warm days, but at the same time can also prevent cold during chilly seasons because they are lined with flannel or fleece.

Dress Shoes. This is the type of shoes you wear for business. Dress shoes can spruce up your formal wear like suits and tuxedoes. Usually made of quality leather, dress shoes are also perfect for formal events like weddings, business dinners, corporate meetings, etc. To be able to save some money, because these things actually cost lots of money, try getting the classic men’s oxfords that are actually more versatile and can be used in many situations and can go with just about everything.

Sandals. It’s summertime and you want to be on your most comfortable. That’s why you need sandals that you can wear with your shorts or swimming trunks when you’re hanging around the beach or the pool when you’re on vacation. Slides and flip-flops are good choices, but there are also sandals made of mesh and rubber that can be used when just hiking or sightseeing.

Boots. Though not a requirement, men’s boot can be a great addition to any man’s closet. And they can also be used not only on winter. A simple leather or suede boots can also go with your dress pants that you wear to the office, as well as with bootcut jeans for a more rugged look for night outs.

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