D&G’s Most Influential Man in Fashion is David Beckham

Posted on July 1, 2010


Italian brand Dolce & Gabbana, who is currently celebrating 20th anniversary of their menswear range, just named soccer star David Beckham as the “most influential man in fashion’. They believe that their teamup with the sports icon resulted to the boost in their menswear range in the late 90s.

According to Stefano Gabbana, “Before, it was for social things, for gays, for eccentrics, for weirdos; it was a small market. David was the start, a hot, straight, family man with kids. He was such a big star and he gave the possibility to be fashionable to millions. He made it possible for men to approach fashion without fear. Men felt if he can do it, I can.”

The design duo of Stefano and Domenico Dolce admits that they don’t usually wear all the clothes they create, but said that each piece has some of their personality in it. They also stated that design thought starts with their ideal man in mind, and create different looks on them they want to see men experimenting with.

“You see a little of us both in the collections,” Stefano was quoted as saying to The Daily Telegraph, a British newspaper. “If it’s a little V-neck, it’s Domenico, if a round neck – Stefano; if it’s sexy and tight it’s Stefano, if it’s oversized, it’s Domenico. But it’s not just 100% of what we like to wear. It’s all about clothes we like to see on men. It’s style, not fashion. There’s a lot of British influence, too, because we have a fascination with unique people, with eccentric personal taste. The British have a wild, natural style. It’s like it’s in the blood, the same way for the Italian everything is perfect, English is the opposite,” he further elaborates.

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